10 Effective Strategies For Weight Loss That You Can Use Starting Today

image: © Subbotina-Anna-Fotolia

image: © Subbotina-Anna-Fotolia

10 Effective Strategies For Weight Loss That You Can Use Starting Today

1. Cut out alcohol. Sorry, but it’s actually a great way to cut calories! Think of each glass of wine as a piece of chocolate cake. Give up for a month and see the difference or try going ‘dry’ during the week, at least. If you DO indulge, be honest with yourself when you measure ‘a glass’.

2.Drink coffee, not desert. Some of the coffees available on the high street ring up at 400, 500 and even over 600 calories! If you’re aiming at weight loss, as a woman you’re probably looking at consuming an average of 1,200 – 1,500 calories per day. So you would probably allow yourself lunch at around 350-400 calories and dinner around 500 calories. Compare that with a ‘coffee’ at 400 plus!

3. Use a dieting/fitness app to set weight loss goals and keep track of how you’re doing, how many calories you’re consuming and when and where you consume them. Don’t forget the calories in your ketchup, mayonnaise, gravy and sauces.

4. Use shopping lists so that you don’t buy unhealthy items you don’t need, especially if you go shopping while hungry. Consider ordering online – after dinner!

5. Follow the “Eatwell Plate Guidelines”. Current thinking is that the ideal main meal should consist of half a plate of multi-coloured vegetables and/or salad, a quarter plate of lean protein and a quarter plate of carbohydrates, preferably unrefined.

6. Use smaller plates, because we tend to fill them up. Along with your smaller plate, help yourself eat more slowly with a smaller fork or spoon so you feel more satisfied with less.

7. Don’t eat in front of the TV because research has shown that when they do, people eat faster, consume more and are less satisfied. In fact, if you’re eating alone, make that a single activity and stay away from all screens.

8. Have one or two vegan days a week. Vegan cooking cuts out dairy produce and meat and the calories that go with them. They are low in fat, high in fibre and good for your pocket!

9. Anticipate when you might get hungry and make sure you have healthy       snacks available such as a few unsalted nuts or whole fruit or high-fibre, crisp-breads.

10. Burn more calories. Try and wear sneakers as much as possible – you will walk more and with more energy. Instead of asking the kids to go and get things for you, get up and fetch the item yourself. Stop looking for a parking spot as near as possible to the station or supermarket entrance and deliberately choose one that’s further away. Carry your heels with you if you have to wear them, but perhaps you can start a ‘sneakers at work’ trend? If you think creatively, you will be able to add in extra exercise to your daily routine in a way that doesn’t take up much time and is easy to keep doing.