Beachin’ Bodies: Why everyone is crazy about South Beach Diet

Beachin’ Bodies: Why everyone is crazy about South Beach Diet

Yes, a friend may have talked about it in one of your late-afternoon coffee rendezvous. Or perhaps, a co-worker who everyone is raving about with her awesome new look, prompted you to look it up online.

Or maybe, you are experiencing self-depreciation issues with your weight and appearance in the mirror and photographs.

Well, do not fret because today we are giving you the truth about South Beach Diet, and why many people are doing it.

What exactly is South Beach Diet?

image: © garrydd / Fotolia

image: © garrydd / Fotolia

A diet plan popularized by Arthur Agatston, the South Beach Diet is a diet – modification strategy plan that promotes the consumption of low-glycemic carbohydrates, lean proteins, unsaturated fats and foods rich in fiber.

This take on weight loss has three strategies: the first strategy is aiming for rapid weight loss (up to 13 lbs in 2 weeks), and helps you keep it off by sticking to a “recommended” set of foods that are inclusive of various amounts of “healthy” (or mono-saturated) fats and proteins.

Is it for me?

As with any weight loss strategy or plan, it is always wise to consult first with your doctor or health care practitioner. Knowing that every person’s body is as unique as their finger print, the best way to make the most out of this diet is to undergo proper guidance.

Your doctor or health care practitioner may even help to recommend or suggest slight modifications that will be aimed for your success. Remember, your medical practitioner is your biggest ally in your weight loss journey.

How does it work?

For Phase 1, you get to normal sized portions of seafood and meats. What you need to stay away from though, is bread, pasta, rice or baked goods. Fruits are also not allowed. But don’t worry, because you’ll be able to eat them again after a game-changing period of 14 days.

For Phase 2, the re-entrance of certain healthy carbohydrates like whole grain rice, whole wheat pasta and fruit will cause the weight loss process to slow down a little. You can begin by eating a serving of fruit a day for either lunch or dinner then continue with a piece of bread or some cereal.

However, this is also the part where most people get discouraged: the weight loss process is not as fast as it was in Phase 1, but the goal here is to be able to eat more carbohydrates again while continuing to lose weight.

Phase 3, also known as the Maintenance Phase, is where you get to determine what you will consume for the rest of your life in order to keep your weight in the healthy zone. This is what many people call the most ‘liberal’ stage because at this point, you have gained control over your cravings and have achieved your dream weight.

Of course, there will always be times when we find ourselves going over some limitations of the diet, but that’s ok. A little setback does not mean you have put all your hard work to waste.

Remember: It is always wise to stick to the diet most of the time, than to steer away and go back to your unhealthy weight.