Best cardio exercise for burning stomach fat

image: © Leonid & Anna Dedukh / Fotolia

image: © Leonid & Anna Dedukh / Fotolia

Cardio exercises are best options to reduce your extra pounds and make your stomach slim.

Few Cardio exercises are difficult but most of them are easy to perform and people love to include these exercises in their weight loss program.

Here are few fat burning exercises:

– One of the popular Cardio exercises is walking. Daily walk for half to one hour is sufficient to reduce your tumor size. According to the experts a daily walk of half hour can reduce 180 calories daily and you get a tight tummy within few days of your regular walk schedule.

– Fat burning with the help of cycling is very common. Some people want to go outside to enjoy cycling along with the fat burning. Some do not have time to go outside and they prefer to use cycling machines that can reduce various calories in one hour. Choose speed of cycling that you can follow easily. Start with slow speed; gradually increase the speed to get fast result of a flat tummy.

– Swimming is another Cardio exercise that affects your heart rate and lungs functioning. This helps in burning fat. Your whole energy is utilized in swimming and more your swim more your fat burns to produce required energy.

– Along with walking you can make a routine of running and jogging. Either go outside or use running machines for exercise at home. It burns calorie at a very higher rate than simply walking. A good pair of jogging shoes adds comfort to your jog and you enjoy the perfect flat belly after burning several calories.

– Aerobics is also included in the Cardio exercise. Mostly women like to perform aerobics to get a flat belly. This involves bending and moving your body in various postures. Its unique styling and postures help in getting tight tummy. They involve sessions of few minutes daily.