Can Ayurveda help you achieve Flat Belly?

image: ©  Vasiliy-Koval / Fotolia

image: © Vasiliy-Koval / Fotolia

Can Ayurveda help you achieve Flat Belly?

Ayurveda is a traditional and natural system of healing of over 5 millennia old and it seems to have originated in India. The practice was trampled on and was almost forgotten as a result of civilization and modernization that swept across the whole world, but lately, it is experiencing some kind of resurgence, maybe because the Chinese traditional practice of medicine and that of the Tibetans drew knowledge from it and probably gave it back life when the time came.

The healing practices of Ayurveda seem to have almost everything about the human health and wellbeing covered, since it has a remedy for eradicating belly fat and helping one achieve flat belly. That has got to be a very interesting traditional health system, worth learning and being a follower I must say, because just like every other traditional health system, it encourages healthy living.

This system of medicine healed with herbs and other traditional treatment methods, and it also has medicines used in getting rid of excess and unwanted belly fat. Below are some of the means Ayurvedic uses in treating excess belly fat.

  • With Lavanthailam, (a substance used in breaking away body fat) massage the belly or fatty areas, allow it for some minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Ground horse gram is to be mixed with soured buttermilk that has been heated and applied all over the belly or the fatty parts of the body. The smeared area should be massaged properly and with immense force. Leave for some minutes, and then wash off with lukewarm water, just as with the Lavanthailam.
  • Then finally you would need to mix a tonic called Varadi with boiled water which has been allowed to cool down, with natural and undiluted honey. This mixture is to be taken first thing in the morning and late in the evening with a teaspoon. This, like so many effective fat burning regimens needs to be continued till required result is achieved.

The practices used by this old traditional healing system in taking care of weight and fat problems also aims at detoxification, because it is believed that accumulated fats are also toxins that are dangerous to the human health. Ridding the human body of impurities and toxins and maintaining a clean system is one of Ayurvedic’s primary purposes.

The processes involved in achieving Ayurvedic’s aim of detoxifying and ridding the body of fat, takes time, patience and discipline, just like any effective process ought to. The fact that it is a natural means of achieving a flat belly which everybody craves for and is willing to pay top dollar for should give anyone motivation and discipline enough to stay in line and not falter. It should be so, because when the targeted result is achieved, then it would be there to stay, having been achieved through consistent hard work and unwavering dedication. Aside from the many herbs and concussions, Ayurvedic also advocates routine exercise to aid fat loss and healthy living.