Flat Belly Exercises

Exercise to Avoid During Pregnancy

Exercise to Avoid During Pregnancy

Women goes through many changes and difficulties during their pregnancy period. Therefore you have to plan your routine according to that changes in your body.

image: ©Tyler Olson / Fotolia

image: ©Tyler Olson / Fotolia

You don’t need to avoid all the exercises but proper planning is required during these times.

A well planned exercise plan will help you to boost your energy level and maintain your fitness level and prepare your body for the delivery.

– The first exercise you have to give special or you could take away from the routine during pregnancy time is squats.Your body gets loosened during this period and your lower back and legs would not be able to manage the stress caused by the squats. You can do squats using a fitness ball if doesn’t cause any problem to your knees.
– Deep knee bends are also recommended to avoid during this time.… Continue reading

Stretch Your Body Before And After Workout

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As you age, your muscle will become so tight and the range of motion of the joints will be minimized. Simple activities you have done in the past will become extremely difficult because of this. Stretching regularly solve this problem to a greater extent.

Stretching is important to people of all age groups. It helps to elongate and loosen your muscles. One of the major benefits of stretching is that you will be able to increase the range of motion, which means your joints and limbs can be moved further before an injury occurs. There are several other benefits of stretching.

  • Increases mobility and flexibility

Lesser flexibility can lead you to slow down the movement of joints and muscles,muscle strains,ligament sprains and other serious injuries. Stretching helps you make more flexible.

  • Improves blood circulation

Stretching exercises increase blood flow to various parts of the… Continue reading

Benefits of Cardio Exercises. How and when to do cardio

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Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are the most important workouts you can do, whether you want to lose weight or to improve your overall fitness. Any exercise that elevates your heart rate and keeps that rate for a time period is a cardiovascular exercise.

There are so many choices out there and the confusing thing is, which exercises are the best? There is not anything like that. You can choose what you enjoy to do and what you will do and  that will work for your entire body.

Cardiovascular exercises are not about making you look great, but it is important for your heart and lungs to make it healthy.

You should learn how to do Cardio exercises effectively. You must make sure that you are working within your THR (Target Heart Rate) zone. You must be aware of how you feel during exercise. You… Continue reading

Benefits of Jogging, when and how to do

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Jogging is the best cardiovascular exercise which keeps you fit and improves your endurance. It is not only beneficial to your physical body but also the best choice for your mental health. Adrenaline and other hormones are pumped into the bloodstreams that relieves your stress and increase your memory power.

Benefits of jogging:

  • Lose weight

Jogging accelerates metabolism which in turn burns more calories. Burning more calories from your body means,you are losing weight.

  • Burns Belly fat

Burns excess fat from your abdomen and that lead you to a flat belly.

  • Strengthen muscles and bones

Since jogging  strengths the muscles and bones,especially in the hips,legs and back,it helps you decelerate the aging process.

  • Improves immunity power

Regular jogging keeps you away from most of the diseases and it also helps to increase the lung capacity and strengthen your heart muscles.

  • Improves mental strength

Apart… Continue reading