Eat Simple & Stay Healthy

image: ©Marcinski / Fotolia

image: ©Marcinski / Fotolia

Eat Simple & Stay Healthy

Simple dieting is really underestimated in these modern times, a lot of attention is focused on strict and intolerable diets when we are aiming to cut down on weight and stay healthy. Eating well and staying healthy should be a lifestyle and not always a measure for damage control.

First things first

Before eating your breakfast, you are expected to clean your system of the waste from the food you consumed the previous day. Make it a habit to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water, right after getting up from the bed. This would force down all the waste in your system, and you would feel the irresistible need to pass a bowel. This is like cleaning up your tank before adding some clean water.

Stay away from junk food

Junks might be a quick fix when we don’t have the time fix a good meal, but they are not worth it and the problem with junk foods is they tend to be addictive. Junks aren’t healthy and you wouldn’t be doing yourself a favor by patronizing junk.

Eat your vegetables

This might have been ringing into your ears more times than you can remember, but vegetables do more to your body than you can even imagine. Vegetables contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals that are essential for keeping your body healthy and in one piece. Because of the antioxidants they contain, vegetables help our body heal and fight against diseases. Cucumber, cabbage, Carrots, Broccoli are all essential to your good health, so don’t wait up, eat up.

Make fruits a steady diet

It would be to our optimal benefits to consume as much of these nature’s foods as possible. Fruits are rich in medicinal properties which help in taking care of bad cholesterol and body fat as well as for easy bowel movement. Fruits help strengthen the body’s defense mechanism against all sorts of human diseases and ailments by strengthening the immune system. Below are some fruits and their benefits

  1. Apple: it is sweet and crunchy, and contains vitamin C, a natural antioxidant which helps the body fight infections. It also contains vitamin B-6 and B-complex which help in releasing the enzymes that aid metabolism. Apples also contain properties that help in controlling the heart rate.
  2. Banana: rich in soluble dietary fiber, sugar and high in calorie, banana when consumed gives instant energy and feeling of replenishment. It is often used as a supplement to treat underweight children. It also helps in reducing constipation and aid in a normal bowel movement.
  3. Watermelon: this fruit is rich in water and electrolyte that helps in quenching thirst and replenishing the body. It contains vitamin A which is good for eyesight and also some properties that give the body protection against stroke and heart disease.

The 3 fruits mentioned above are just to show you the very importance of fruit consumption to the human body. Each fruit out there has a unique property that the human body needs.