How Lemon and Honey can help you lose weight in 7 days

image: © Svetlana Fedoseeva / Fotolia.com

image: © Svetlana Fedoseeva / Fotolia.com

How Lemon and Honey can help you lose weight in 7 days

Honey and Lemon are both naturally beneficial to the human wellbeing; individually they have vast arrays of usefulness in many areas of the human health needs.

They have natural cleansing properties that make their names come up frequently when we are either drawing up lists for natural detoxifiers or just talking about the health benefits of some of nature’s blessings.

Lemon for instance is rich in Pectin fiber, this fiber helps fight against cravings for food. When you don’t crave for more food, be you hungry or not, you can’t add weight.

Honey on the other hand is a dearly beloved, we know honey is rich in very many things, but without been told, we won’t really know it has some properties that do facilitate weight loss.

The presence of honey in our system helps make the liver release glucose, which is responsible for keeping the sugar level in the brain high and then makes the brain release those hormones responsible for burning fat. See how it works?


Alkaline fruits are not supposed to be consumed in excess, because of what they might do to your teeth or your stomach lining, so this mixture of lemon and honey are supposed to be diluted, sort of, with warm water.

For an effective mixture, for a cup of warm honey and lemon drink, you would need:

1 teaspoon of honey, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice poured in a glass containing warm water.

Stir properly and make sure not to add any sweeteners, the mixture already has a great taste and flavor.


Individually, lemon and honey can aid the process of fat burning to a very significant distance. Imagine what a combination of both would do to your weight problems. Constant intake of honey and lemon water would help in taking care of your weight problems, because both are great in helping the body lower the level of cholesterol by allowing the fat deposit in your body to be used as energy for normal body functions.

Drinking this mixture in the morning can be taken in the morning or maybe before going to bed, to put the fat burners to work. It can also come to your rescue when you know you had consumed a meal that is very oily and you don’t feel so great, just prepare and drink this very nice mixture, it would help detoxify your system and also aid in food digestion.

The presence of lemon in this mixture is one of the many reasons the drink actually works so well because lemon makes the body produce urine, so going to the bathroom often would help you get rid of water weight too. It is also a sort of laxative, which helps in loosening the stomach, thereby softening the stools we pass. Lemons also make the liver produce digestive enzymes which are known to be responsible for breaking down the food we eat.