If you want a flat belly, don’t eat fast!

image: © Rob Stark / Fotolia

We are living in a fast moving world. We want all things to be done within a short span of time. That is also the same case with eating.

Many people I have found like to take food a lot quicker. I was surprised with the speed of their eating. They might have the feeling that eating slowly will make you fat while fast eating helps burn fat quickly! A big blunder !

Burning fat from your belly requires better digestion and metabolism. If you eat food a lot quicker that will affect the metabolic rate. That adversely affects the fat burning procedure. Since fast eating makes the metabolic rate lower which in turn deposit more fats in your belly.

It has shown that eating slowly breaking down all the particles increases metabolism and while doing the exercises it will boost you to burn the fat quickly. Your confidence will get increased and you will get that flat belly faster. So keep this saying in your mind, if you want a flat belly faster, you should take your food slower.

It can be related with a proverb, Slow and Steady wins the race. Yes, that’s true. Only slow eating will lead you to that sexy flat belly. Enjoy your food slowly and steadily and drink enough water and get a flat belly of your dream.

The faster you eat the faster you get an apple belly. It’s your choice whether you need an apple belly or a flat belly? I know it’s every woman’s dream to get a flat belly and impress their loved ones. Eat slowly and get the love faster from your dear ones.

Eating speed determines the rate of gaining belly fat. Weight gain is directly proportional to Eating speed. So reduce the swiftness while having food and enjoy the food. No one will steal your food. Spend enough time before your food to get a flat belly.