Flat Belly Is Not A Miracle


Flat Belly Solution

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image: © Jacek Chabraszewski / Fotolia

Flat Belly Solution

Belly bloating can be caused by: poor digestion, much water retention and belly fat. Reduce or eliminate altogether these belly bloating foods: dairy products, salt, bread, starch foods, bubbles, diet foods and dried fruits. At the same time increase your intake of water and frequency of eating.

Do not starve yourself. When you deny yourself food, the body will not function optimally and your metabolism will slow down and indeed start hoarding the fat. This becomes self defeating as the flat belly will then not be achieved. Eat regular meals daily.

Everybody thinks that to obtain a flat tummy one needs to deprive oneself of those favorite foods. The fact is that by strategically eating those favorite foods one can actually hasten up the desired results. Give yourself a needed break and take a guilt free day probably once a week… Continue reading

Flat Belly Dieting Tips

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image: © Photoroller / Fotolia

Flat Belly Dieting Tips

Almost every weight loss plan can assist you in whittling down your waist. However, no diet is verified to exclusively target the waist. It’s probable that if you manage to lose some 15 pounds in about 32 days, you’re by and large only losing water weight, which you could easily regain.

So, what is that you can or may not eat when on a flat belly diet in order to achieve positive results?
Initially, target the bloating for a couple of days. During that particular time, do not add salt to any of your food and avoid: processed foods; foods like beans, onions and broccoli which make you gassy; and carbs like bananas, pasta and bagels.

Drink at least two liters of water daily mixed with cucumber, mint leaves lemon and ginger root.
Too little intake of fiber, fluids, and healthy… Continue reading

Super nutrients for flat belly

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image: © Africa Studio / Fotolia

Super nutrients for getting a flat abs

You want to eat fresh and healthy food to remain healthy and active.

Various nutritious diet plans are recommended by the physicist to remain healthy.

People want to eat these super nutrients only to reduce their belly in many parts of the world.

Let’s consider few nutrients that act as super boosting agents to reduce your belly.


Best food to reduce tummy are carotenoids. According to experts and many research specialists, those who take large intake of carotenoids have smart belly then those who avoid taking these foods.

These are present is colored foods like yellow vegetable and oranges. Watermelons and tomatoes are also carotenoids that help in attaining the goals of flat belly.

Vitamin C:

Vitamins are very important for the health of the body. People which take Vitamin C in the form of fruits… Continue reading

Effective guidelines for flat belly

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image:© Nobilior / Fotolia

Effective guidelines for flat  belly

Belly bloat is due to the stored fat in the abdomen. There are various guidelines that people should follow to get weight loss and reduced belly. These guidelines are as follows.

Energy balance:

Energy balance is necessary to maintain to reduce the size of the belly. With energy imbalance you will never achieve weight loss goals.

Eating 5to six times a day is the best way to create a balance between what you are eating and what you are burning as calories.

You should burn your calories after every meal. Eat more and burn more. Food intake is required to speed up the metabolism which reduces the fat in the body.

Only 3 time meals in day create energy imbalance Avoid this and eat after 3 hours to burn the calories which you have an intake.

Blend mixtures:

Instead of… Continue reading