Say Good-bye to Those Extra Holiday Pounds

image: © pressmaster / Fotolia

image: © pressmaster / Fotolia

Scale Up Your Weight Loss and Say Good-bye to Those Extra Holiday Pounds

Did you step on to your scales and get a bit of a shock? Did you discover that your clothes have shrunk over the holidays? Or are you simply feeling the effects of too much food and booze?

Whatever your motivation is, you’re not alone in wanting to speed up your weight loss and here are a few ideas to help you do just that.

Take a good look at your fridge.

  • Freeze anything you don’t want to eat now. Sliced cooked meat, for example, will keep in your freezer for two to six months and make a quick mid-week dinner at some point. Grate and freeze cheese.
  • Pack up any mince pies, cheese or other foods you don’t want to eat and take them to your local soup kitchen or vicar
  • Freeze any left-over (!) wine for cooking. Packed with empty calories, alcohol also stops you caring about what you’re eating.
  • Re-stock your fridge with light, healthy options. With the temptations gone, it’ll be easier to get back on track for weight loss.


Make soup

  • Vegetable soup is tasty and can be full of vitamins and minerals and highly filling. Use up the odds and ends of vegetables in your fridge, add some tomatoes and herbs and high fiber foods such as celery or lentils. No cream! That’s lunch and dinner for you when you’re not entertaining or dining out. Invest in a wide-necked vacuum flask so you can take it to work. Repeat!


Re-think meals.

  • Plan for some low calorie, de-tox meals to give your system a rest. Try some steamed or boiled whole-grains like brown basmati with its naturally low GI levels and add in some steamed, boiled, raw or grilled veg. Avoid salt, fat, sugar and spices for a couple of days so your body can get back its taste for healthy foods.
  • Substitute boiled chicken or boiled eggs and salad for a couple of main meals.
  • Try baked fish with herbs, add vegetables and salad and you’ve got a super light meal.
  • Your friends will be feeling the aftermath of holiday eating, too. They’re going to love you if you offer light, healthy foods for dinner when you entertain instead of the traditional rich meals associated with this time of year.


Count your blessings – and your steps

  • Be glad that you were able fill your table over Christmas and don’t beat yourself up because you over-did it. Negative thoughts never helped anyone with their weight loss. Instead, remember how you enjoyed the meals and the company of friends and get ready to enjoy getting back on track. Increased exercise combined with fewer calories is a winning combination. Hide the car keys, get out those sneakers and get moving.
  • Build more walking into your daily routine. Instead of meeting people for a drink or coffee, try walking your friend’s dog with them, or getting off the bus one stop earlier, and don’t sit down when you’re chatting on the phone to your girlfriends – keep walking!.
  • Wear a pedometer all day to help you count and increase motivation. The average person burns about 100 calories for every mile walked. That’s about 1,500 steps. That might sound like a lot, but according to the NHS, the average Brit walks between 3,000 and 4,000 steps per day and many people walk significantly more.
  • Find out how many steps you take per day, increase it by 3 miles or 4,500 steps and your weight loss will start happening.