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Raw Almonds – Best Food For Flat Belly

image: © valery121283 / Fotolia

Almonds are  natural foods that fit into a successful diet plan for a flat belly. Calories in raw almonds are purely natural which found to be good for your belly.

Although almonds are considered as nuts, it’s a seed of the almond fruit. It contains a lot of antioxidants and natural nutrients that helps your belly to lose fat.

Raw almonds increases metabolism and hence accelerates fat burning in your belly. Raw almond helps 62 percent reduction in weight, 50 percent reduction in waist circumference, and 56 percent reduction in body fat.

You will get the benefit of 23 whole nuts from a single serving. It contains a lot of proteins and unsaturated fats. Protein content is required along with the healthy fats to burn the belly fat.

Almond intake also produces a prolonged feeling of fullness in your stomach. That helps to… Continue reading