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Super nutrients for flat belly

image: © Africa Studio / Fotolia

image: © Africa Studio / Fotolia

Super nutrients for getting a flat abs

You want to eat fresh and healthy food to remain healthy and active.

Various nutritious diet plans are recommended by the physicist to remain healthy.

People want to eat these super nutrients only to reduce their belly in many parts of the world.

Let’s consider few nutrients that act as super boosting agents to reduce your belly.


Best food to reduce tummy are carotenoids. According to experts and many research specialists, those who take large intake of carotenoids have smart belly then those who avoid taking these foods.

These are present is colored foods like yellow vegetable and oranges. Watermelons and tomatoes are also carotenoids that help in attaining the goals of flat belly.

Vitamin C:

Vitamins are very important for the health of the body. People which take Vitamin C in the form of fruits… Continue reading

Effective guidelines for flat belly

image:© Nobilior / Fotolia

image:© Nobilior / Fotolia

Effective guidelines for flat  belly

Belly bloat is due to the stored fat in the abdomen. There are various guidelines that people should follow to get weight loss and reduced belly. These guidelines are as follows.

Energy balance:

Energy balance is necessary to maintain to reduce the size of the belly. With energy imbalance you will never achieve weight loss goals.

Eating 5to six times a day is the best way to create a balance between what you are eating and what you are burning as calories.

You should burn your calories after every meal. Eat more and burn more. Food intake is required to speed up the metabolism which reduces the fat in the body.

Only 3 time meals in day create energy imbalance Avoid this and eat after 3 hours to burn the calories which you have an intake.

Blend mixtures:

Instead of… Continue reading

Healthy tips for flat belly

image: © Piotr Marcinski / Fotolia

image: © Piotr Marcinski / Fotolia

Healthy tips for flat belly

Have you ever noticed your stomach while wearing clothes? Do they fit to your own size or they have a problem while wearing?

Do your body gains extra weight due to overeating and has abdominal disorders like belly?

According to experts these abdominal enlargements and extra belly are controllable. You should follow various advices from the experts to control the belly.

Health tip 1:

Experts recommend a diet filled with high fiber contents. When you have lack of fiber on your food and lack of physical activities it causes abs. Along with this, eat fresh fruits and vegetable that digest properly and stops any constipation problem. One reason of extra belly is the constipation. Avoid this by drinking plenty of water with high fiber.

Health tip 2:

Gas and bloating are reasons of extra fat stored in your stomach.… Continue reading

Best cardio exercise for burning stomach fat

image: © Leonid & Anna Dedukh / Fotolia

image: © Leonid & Anna Dedukh / Fotolia

Cardio exercises are best options to reduce your extra pounds and make your stomach slim.

Few Cardio exercises are difficult but most of them are easy to perform and people love to include these exercises in their weight loss program.

Here are few fat burning exercises:

– One of the popular Cardio exercises is walking. Daily walk for half to one hour is sufficient to reduce your tumor size. According to the experts a daily walk of half hour can reduce 180 calories daily and you get a tight tummy within few days of your regular walk schedule.

– Fat burning with the help of cycling is very common. Some people want to go outside to enjoy cycling along with the fat burning. Some do not have time to go outside and they prefer to use cycling machines that can reduce various… Continue reading