cardio exercises

Benefits of Cardio Exercises. How and when to do cardio

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Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are the most important workouts you can do, whether you want to lose weight or to improve your overall fitness. Any exercise that elevates your heart rate and keeps that rate for a time period is a cardiovascular exercise.

There are so many choices out there and the confusing thing is, which exercises are the best? There is not anything like that. You can choose what you enjoy to do and what you will do and  that will work for your entire body.

Cardiovascular exercises are not about making you look great, but it is important for your heart and lungs to make it healthy.

You should learn how to do Cardio exercises effectively. You must make sure that you are working within your THR (Target Heart Rate) zone. You must be aware of how you feel during exercise. You… Continue reading