Crunches Cannot Burn Belly Fat That Covers Your ABS!

image: © Paul Hakimata / Fotolia

The most common mistake that can be seen when comes to fitness is concentrating on a specific part. Most of the ladies make this mistake. They all will do hours and hours of body specific exercises.

This is the same case when come with belly fat. Common phenomena we that can be seen nowadays is, when a lady feels bad about her belly, she will try a lot of crunches to burn fat and to get a flat belly. Sad to say, you won’t get a flat belly even if you take several hundreds of crunches.

Belly specific exercises is not the solution for your belly. I will explain this with an example. If you want to cut a tree, you have to cut all the branches first and by using a rope support you will cut down the trees. You cannot cut the… Continue reading