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How to get a flat belly after pregnancy?

image: © Alliance / Fotolia

image: © Alliance / Fotolia

How to get a flat belly after pregnancy?

After delivering a baby most of the women have a wobbly tummy. They look afraid and worried about, how they will get back to this old tight tummy?

They want to wear their favorite dress which is only possible with tight belly.

It is possible to get back your tummy size again but it requires more effort as you have faced some changes and your baby health is also dependent on your fitness.Take excellent advices to reduce your belly and look smart again.

Prior to starting any exercise you should learn whether you are ready for exercise or not. If you have delivered a body by operation then waits for at least five to six weeks.

To start any exercise. This cause a large tummy but you can get back only after a few weeks. Check the… Continue reading

Benefits of aerobics for flat belly

image: © Nobilior / Fotolia

image: © Nobilior / Fotolia

Benefits of aerobics for flat belly

Aerobics or cardio exercises offer tremendous health benefits to the human body.

They affect the metabolism rate of the body and increase its rate which reduces fat stored in the body.

Not only you get a reduce weight and flat Abs but several other health benefits are attained by following regular sessions of aerobics.

Whether you choose swimming, cycling, walking or choose running or dancing it’s up to you.

Your body parts get fascinating benefits. Here is the list of these benefits that all of us shall never miss.

– Aerobics with its regular sessions strengthen our muscles. Due to controlled inhaling and exhaling they allow a smooth respiration through our lungs.

– Aerobic are also called cardiac exercises. Because they play a major role in controlling heart attacks and various heart diseases that occur due to weak heart… Continue reading

Best cardio exercise for burning stomach fat

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image: © Leonid & Anna Dedukh / Fotolia

Cardio exercises are best options to reduce your extra pounds and make your stomach slim.

Few Cardio exercises are difficult but most of them are easy to perform and people love to include these exercises in their weight loss program.

Here are few fat burning exercises:

– One of the popular Cardio exercises is walking. Daily walk for half to one hour is sufficient to reduce your tumor size. According to the experts a daily walk of half hour can reduce 180 calories daily and you get a tight tummy within few days of your regular walk schedule.

– Fat burning with the help of cycling is very common. Some people want to go outside to enjoy cycling along with the fat burning. Some do not have time to go outside and they prefer to use cycling machines that can reduce various… Continue reading

Simple tips for flat belly

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Here I am going to point out some of the simple tips that will help you to get a flat belly.

Do not expect too much at the start. Time required to get flat belly depends on certain factors. So do not give up at the start if you are not noticing any changes.

Do not skip breakfast.

Include a lot of protein rich food in your diet. Our belly needs protein to develop that flat shape.

Try to take in the right carbohydrates in small proportion. Never eat what you like but the food with lots of fiber. Fibrous food makes you feel that the stomach is full. That will help you reduce the food intake.

Eat small meals so often. It accelerates metabolism. If you allow your body to remain without eating for a long time you will get more hunger. That will… Continue reading