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Weight reduction is observed among those who regularly intake some nuts

image: © mates / Fotolia

image: © mates / Fotolia

Eat raw nuts!

Nuts are beneficial food for the body. They can be taken as raw nuts or can be used in roosted and cooked form. Both these types offer nutrient benefits.

But, most of the health specialists recommend raw nuts which are widely available in shops in dried form.

Each nut has its own nutrients and benefits that are particularly associated with that raw nut.

Eating raw nuts offer tremendous benefits which are as follows:


Healthy Benefits offered by raw nuts

– Raw nuts have little amount of sodium present in them. Use those nuts which have unsalted raw nuts.

– Raw nuts have fewer calories present as compared to the cooked nuts, in which use oil is used for roasting the nuts.

– Dried form of raw nuts is free from harmful acids which avoid nutrition deficiencies. Phytic acid is removed while… Continue reading

Avocado Boats Recipe – Healthy and Delicious

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Avocado Boats

Whenever I mention the word Avocado, everyone starts thinking of Guacamole. Truthfully speaking, this is one of the most useful things to have around the kitchen on a day to day basis. Despite the slightly higher fat content, the fruit contains huge amounts of antioxidants and nutrients which are vital to your body.

As a result, they form a great source of certain vitamins like Vitamin B, E and K and contain high amounts of Potassium in them. Also, the fat in them are mostly monounsaturated, and so, it is considered to be quite healthy for your body.


4 avocados

100 gm. medium, shelled prawns

20 gm. low-fat yoghurt

2 teaspoon finely chopped flat-leaf parsley leaves

1 stalk of celery, chopped fine

The juice of half a lemon

½ green bell pepper, chopped fine

Pepper to taste

Salt to taste

Procedure:… Continue reading