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Effective guidelines for flat belly

image:© Nobilior / Fotolia

image:© Nobilior / Fotolia

Effective guidelines for flat  belly

Belly bloat is due to the stored fat in the abdomen. There are various guidelines that people should follow to get weight loss and reduced belly. These guidelines are as follows.

Energy balance:

Energy balance is necessary to maintain to reduce the size of the belly. With energy imbalance you will never achieve weight loss goals.

Eating 5to six times a day is the best way to create a balance between what you are eating and what you are burning as calories.

You should burn your calories after every meal. Eat more and burn more. Food intake is required to speed up the metabolism which reduces the fat in the body.

Only 3 time meals in day create energy imbalance Avoid this and eat after 3 hours to burn the calories which you have an intake.

Blend mixtures:

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Simple tips for flat belly

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Here I am going to point out some of the simple tips that will help you to get a flat belly.

Do not expect too much at the start. Time required to get flat belly depends on certain factors. So do not give up at the start if you are not noticing any changes.

Do not skip breakfast.

Include a lot of protein rich food in your diet. Our belly needs protein to develop that flat shape.

Try to take in the right carbohydrates in small proportion. Never eat what you like but the food with lots of fiber. Fibrous food makes you feel that the stomach is full. That will help you reduce the food intake.

Eat small meals so often. It accelerates metabolism. If you allow your body to remain without eating for a long time you will get more hunger. That will… Continue reading

Do not over drink fizzy drinks or better stop them if you want fast flat belly result!

Do not over drink fizzy drinks or better stop them if you want fast flat belly result!

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There are many debates over fizzy drink consumption. Some people think that, it helps to lose fat and others think it causes weight gain. But I Strongly recommend you to limit the consumption of fizzy drinks or better completely stop them, if you want a flat belly quicker.

Fizzy drinks are also called as soft drinks, soda, coke etc, contains carbonated water with some sweetening and flavoring agent. It also contains colorings, preservatives and caffeine that can adversely affect your health.

Caffeine will pop out your mineral nutrients that are required for your health. It also leads you to a bad sleep. You all know that sleeping affects your belly fat. Hence it can make your belly a little uglier than the normal. A small amount of alcohol is also present in these fizzy drinks.

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