weight loss for begginers

The Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss

image: © Andrey-Bandurenko / Fotolia

Meal Replacement Therapy: The Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss

Susie is a 26-year-old front desk clerk at a local clinic. In the morning when she arrives at work, she takes her breakfast that consists of two whole cups of white rice, 3 pieces of pork sausage, paired with a cup of coffee.

Come 9 AM, she complains of being hungry and consumes a whole bag of chips and a can of soda. She then takes her lunch at exactly 12 noon and watches TV.

At exactly 3 PM, she takes another snack that usually consists of a burger and shake. And come 7 PM she eats her dinner consisting of another two cups of white rice and a large serving of pot roast (or sometimes, meat stew).

And yes, at 5 feet and 8 inches tall, she is 90 lbs overweight and is already suffering… Continue reading