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Weight reduction is observed among those who regularly intake some nuts

image: © mates / Fotolia

image: © mates / Fotolia

Eat raw nuts!

Nuts are beneficial food for the body. They can be taken as raw nuts or can be used in roosted and cooked form. Both these types offer nutrient benefits.

But, most of the health specialists recommend raw nuts which are widely available in shops in dried form.

Each nut has its own nutrients and benefits that are particularly associated with that raw nut.

Eating raw nuts offer tremendous benefits which are as follows:


Healthy Benefits offered by raw nuts

– Raw nuts have little amount of sodium present in them. Use those nuts which have unsalted raw nuts.

– Raw nuts have fewer calories present as compared to the cooked nuts, in which use oil is used for roasting the nuts.

– Dried form of raw nuts is free from harmful acids which avoid nutrition deficiencies. Phytic acid is removed while… Continue reading

Fibers are very important for your weight loss goals

image: © viperagp / Fotolia

image: © viperagp / Fotolia

Fibers are very important for your weight loss goals

Weight loss goals are set before you start acting on the weight loss plans.

A diet which is high in fiber contents taken in proper ratio in a diet plan is an effective solution for your weight loss problem.

Certain benefits need to be understood how it helps in reducing weight. Below are the reasons and benefits of using high fiber diets.

Feel full:

High fiber diets take more time indigestion and you feel full for a longer period of time. Less food items have fewer calories that you chew slowly and feel full.

More you feel full less you feel appetite, hence less food intake and a reduced weight is the result.


Excreted fibers:

Fibers are not absorbed by the body. These are added to diet plans just to make sure you are full… Continue reading

Protein diet plan

image: © Elizabeta Lexa / Fotolia

image: © Elizabeta Lexa / Fotolia

Protein diet plan

Many women avoid protein diet from their usual diet plan because they are afraid of bulky muscles like men. This is a general misconception in women about the proteins.

Men and women have different hormone levels, actually the male hormone testosterone is helping them to get bulky muscles. Therefore no need of fear in women about the protein diet plan.

Protein rich foods:

  • Dairy products

They are very rich in proteins. You can include yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese and milk.

  • Dried fruits and nuts contain proteins and fibers that are needed for the weight loss.
  • Lean meat is also rich in quality proteins. Avoid red meats.
  • Include a lot of vegetables of fruits in your diet plan.
  • Do not take only protein rich foods. You need other proteins too. Protein diet plan should be a part of your regular diet plan.… Continue reading

Proteins – best for weight loss and flat belly

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It seems most of the women are confused about protein intake. They think that protein intake will make them bulky or fat. Actually, that is one of the biggest misconceptions about protein when they think about fitness and flat belly.

You have to change this mindset if you want to be fit and lose belly fat. Therefore, you must understand how protein intake keeps you fit and lose fat.

Proteins are macro nutrients composed of lengthy chains of amino acids that is essential for the proper function and growth of our body. For women, proteins build muscles without bulking up and that helps to burn more fat quickly.

When you dream about a flat belly, you will take a decision to limit your food intake and do more exercises. It is not practical as a beginner. You may follow the routines one or two weeks.… Continue reading