Eating a lot of high-protein food gets you a flat belly

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Your belly requires enough amount proteins to build muscle that helps to burn fat. Foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates helps you lose fat and get a flat belly.

Proteins are the building blocks of muscle hence we can call it as the building blocks of life. More muscle means less fat in your body.

Don’t misunderstand the building muscles with bulking up in men.  Male hormone called testosterone responsible for that. So do not worry about that and eat a lot of foods rich in protein.

You should find out the foods that are rich in protein. An obvious protein rich food is lean meat. You can also take chicken breast and lean turkey. Another food is very high in protein and low in fat is fish. It’s better than beef and poultry as it contains less fat compared… Continue reading

Flat Belly is not a miracle

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The attitude of all the people have changed over the last 3 or 4 decades. Everyone needs fast solution. This not the case with some subjects. Everyone has this way of thinking in every aspect of their lives.

Whether it’s moneymaking, or to get a promotion or to find a solution for a particular problem, all needs fast and easy ways. No one is ready to work hard to achieve the aim in a healthy and proper way. This attitude can be seen in most of the ladies when comes to fitness.

Every woman is conscious about their belly fat. They consider that part as the most problematic area. Therefore, every woman wants a fast solution to this problem. They all need easy ways and they want to get it within a short span of time.

Now I have a question, how many days… Continue reading