The Cabbage Soup Diet: How and why it will never work

The Cabbage Soup Diet: How and why it will never work


People who have undergone this diet claim that you can lose up to 10 pounds (possibly even more) in as little as one week. Some others simply use this to prepare for that special event (like prom or a friend’s wedding). And some even use this as the beginning phase of their weight loss regimen.

Fact 1: This crash diet is not good for the long run. It doesn’t even give you the nutrients you need to keep healthy.

image: © agodina / Fotolia

image: © agodina / Fotolia


As it name simply says, fat-free cabbage soup is the main entrée of this diet, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, there are other foods that you can incorporate in the diet too. These foods include a mix of fruits, other vegetables and meat that you can only add to your diet in specified days.

There are also variations in the recipe for this soup, which is said to be recommended for each and every day of the diet. They have similar components like onions, mushrooms, green peppers, tomato and bouillon.

Sounds boring? Indeed.

But at least, it can be easily tweaked to work with your taste buds. Meats like beef or chicken can actually add to the diet, but only in limited amounts and only in specific days.

Fact 2: It is not and will never be healthy, and will never provide for long-term weight loss results.


  1. This diet regime rests on its laurels that fat-free Cabbage Soup (along with its accompanying foods) with its low calorie partners is enough to help you lose weight fast.

Medical practitioners and Doctors alike will tell you that all you lose with the Cabbage Soup diet is just muscle mass and water weight. It doesn’t address a total lifestyle change that is necessary to keep or maintain weight loss over extended periods of time.

Fact 3: A diet that doesn’t promote exercise as an integral part of its weight loss strategy is doing more harm than good.


The best part of the Cabbage Soup diet is that it is only recommended for a maximum period of 7 days. Some fans claim that there should be at least 2 weeks resting interval before attempting to begin to diet again.

Healthcare practitioners warn that going on this diet for an extended period of time will result to more health problems. The lack of proteins and complex nutrients will eventually lead to big swings in the body’s balance of minerals, and can eventually lead to arrhythmia, which can be fatal.

Fact 4: Cabbage Soup diet is basically putting your body into starvation mode. You are more likely to experience light-headedness and lack of concentration in your daily activities primarily due to lack of essential nutrients.


It is entirely up to you. As a general precaution, it is best to consult first with your health care practitioner or medical doctor before even attempting a rigorous diet modification regimen like the Cabbage Soup diet. Your doctor will always be your best ally.