The Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity

image: © whitestorm / Fotolia

image: © whitestorm / Fotolia

The Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity

Obesity and overweight are not as simple as they are seen.

They affect your body heath and increase the risk of various diseases including heart problems, blood pressure, respiratory problems and many other stomach and liver problems.

You should take care of your health by maintaining your weight up to a certain level that match with your body index. Lose your extra weight and get out of the following problems.


Heart problems

Major problem which body faces after gaining excessive weight is the building of Plaque in the arteries. This reduces the blood flow to the muscular organs and may cause heart attacks. Obesity is also a major issue for heart failure when your heart is unable to provide blood for all parts of the body.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure increases with the increases in weight. Obesity increases the force, which blood exerts on the arteries and cause high blood pressure problems.


As your BMI determines the correct weight for your body it will also affect the body health. Overweight people have more risk of getting strokes as it causes blockage in some arteries due to clot formation.

   Type 2 diabetes

Most of the overweight people have this problem. You will find a lot of people suffering from type 2 diabetes in which their body can’t make insulin that converts glucose into energy. This has adverse effects on the kidneys and vision.


This is the most common diseases which occur due to excessive weight. You will feel pain in your joints, knees, hips and back. An overweight condition exerts pressure on the joints which cause pain.

   Sleep Apnea

When more fat is stored near your neck you will find difficulty in breathing while sleeping. Fat narrows the air pipe and it is difficult to breath with narrowed airway.