Top 3 exercises to keep your stomach flat

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Top 3 exercises to keep your stomach flat

Exercises and healthy activities keep your body flat and fit. You feel fresh and enjoy the life with your daily exercise routine.

You probably worried if you have a stomach that is out of its control.

Weight loss and getting a flat belly is a common question asked by women. Many men ask this in their older age. Not only age but various factors are contributing in making you fat.

Here are some surprising exercises that help you to reduce the belly fat.

First exercise is the bicycle that you perform with your arms and legs. In his exercise you have to lay down on the mat or some plain surface. Keep your back on the floor. Place both your hands on the back of the head. Then start raising your one leg and bend its knee. Keep it closes to the stomach. This applies pressure on the belly. Move second leg upward in the air and keep it straight. Touch your elbows with the leg knee. Continue this process several times in 5 minutes.

Second exercise is called boat style. This is a common exercise for reducing belly. Aerobics and cardiac exercises use this style for their students who are looking for the best exercises to reduce belly.

Third exercise which is mostly used worldwide is the plank. In this exercise you keep your back upside down and you stay upward on your toes and arms. Keeping stretched your tummy and legs you remain still in this position. This involves long breathes and stretching of the stomach.

If you have less stamina then do not try these exercises. Instead try simple walking and jogging routine to stay fit and healthy.