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Talent Recruitment

The international environment within Canton Biologics has attracted global talents from 7 different countries (including theUnited States, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland and others) to join.  Proudly, Canton Biologics has also been grantedthe fame of National high-tech Enterprise and > 50% employees hold MS andPh.D. degrees. Graduates from Oxford University, ETH, California Institute ofTechnology, Sun Yat-sen University, University of Science and Technology ofChina,  Hong Kong University of Scienceand Technology and other top universities already joined Canton Biologics and arecreating value for the society.

Your Gains:
1、Corporate culture and compliance training
2、Comprehensive experimental skills training: covering a variety of biological in vitro/in vivo experimental skills in biotechnology
3、Training for automated instrument operation
4、Trainings for drug development process
5、Communication and management skills trainings
6、Cross-functional training and rotation
Career Development:
1、We help you quickly grow into a biological andtechnical expert and familiarize yourself with the key aspects of drugdevelopment through systemic trainings
2、Through courses and training in the job, youwill gain a deeper understanding of all compliance issues related to CDMO and drugdevelopment as a whole
3、Regardless of your past academic records, a performance-basedrewarding and incentive plan will accelerate your career development
4、Discover your management potential and leverageyour professionalism, dual development tracks (management and technical) will lightyou up during your career development

* All qualified candidates can apply, regardless of race, color, religion, nationality, etc.

Campus Recruitment

Position Classification
Director Manager Researcher

Formulation Scientist/Senior Scientist

1. Perform feasibility studies for new projects, including: drug delivery system research report and overall project feasibility analysis.
2. Propose experimental protocols, perform implementation and provide supporting experimental data.
3. Create technical and process development reports.
4. Communicate with team leader to develop project plans and deliver results on time and with high quality standards.
5. Regularly report the experimental results and project progress supervisor.
1. Master or above in pharmaceutical sciences, biology, etc., with overseas background preferred. (2021 graduate student also welcome)
2. Having relevant work experience in drug delivery system (nanoparticles, liposomes, microspheres, etc.) is required. Proven track record in the ability to independently work on projects. Basic knowledge of biological drugs, as well as the entire preparation and development process is preferred.
3. Excellent communication skills in English (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and ability to independently complete the English literature research and report writing required in the daily work.
4. Highly organized person with responsible attitude and the ambition to actively asking for help and learning fast.
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Upstream Process Development Director

1. Develops cell culture processes using ambr15, ambr250, 2L/5L bench-scale, and up to 200L disposable bioreactor systems for the production of antibody and recombinant protein.
2. Performs hands-on experiments to develop/improve bioreactor processes using chemically defined media and feeds.
3. Interprets results to make process improvements and further design next studies.
4. Executes process monitoring and control strategies for robust process design.
5. Collaborates with downstream and analysis development teams to coordinate material needs.
6. Authors Standard Operating Procedures, technical reports, and process descriptions including data interpretation and procedures.
1. More than 6 years working experience in cell culture process development.
2. Experience with mammalian cell culture aseptic techniques.
3. Experience with suspension cell lines used in protein production.
4. Experience with high-throughput (e.g. ambr) and benchtop stirred tank bioreactor.
5. Experience with bioreactor scale-up is preferred.
6. Knowledge of Design of Experiments and statistical data analysis.
7. Technical proficiency and knowledge of scientific concepts.
8. Strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to communicate within the organization as well as externally.
9. Detail-oriented and able to prioritize assignments with excellent team work and communi-cation skills.
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